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[팟캐스트] (312) 증시 검은 월요일 / 노재팬 깃발 논란

진행자: 손지형, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Markets roiled as US-China spat dwarfs impact of Japan factor

기사요약: 증시에서 소위 ‘검은 월요일’이 재현된 가운데, 정부는 시장 불안의 원인이 한일 무역 갈등이 아닌 미중 무역 분쟁에 있다고 발언

[1] As South Korea’s financial market continued to totter Tuesday after a “Black Monday,” experts observed that the key reason behind the current anxiety is the prolonged US-China trade conflict rather than the escalating feud with Japan.

*totter: 비틀거리다
*observe: 보다
*anxiety: 긴장 상태
*prolonged: 장기적으로 지속되는
*trade conflict: 무역갈등
*escalating: 고조되는
*feud: 불화, 분쟁

[2] Tense about the US-China situation and its anticipated leverage in the global financial markets, authorities here vowed to take stabilizing steps in case of increased volatility, signaling a possible intervention in the local foreign exchange market. Seoul’s central bank also backed such scenario.

*tense: 긴장된
*leverage: 지렛대
*vow to: -할 것을 약속하다
*stabilizing: 안정회시키는
*volatility: 변동성
*intervention: 개입
*back: 지지하다

[3] The policymakers’ remarks were seen as reflecting Seoul’s determination to preemptively respond to the growing external risks. Seoul’s alleged interference in the foreign exchange market has been a longtime issue of dispute between Seoul and Washington.

*remark: 발언
*reflecting: 반영하다
*determination: 결심
*preemptively: 선제적으로
*external risks: 대외리스크
*alleged: 의혹이 있는
*interference: 개입
*dispute: 논쟁

[4] On Monday, Korea’s financial markets faced a so-called “Black Monday,” with the value of the local currency slipping against the US dollar and the stock market indexes nosediving. The country’s secondary bourse Kosdaq dipped below the psychologically significant 600-point threshold, triggering a temporary trading halt in the market for the first time in more than three years.

*face: 직면하다
*local currency slip against the dollar: 원화가 달러화 대비 약세가 되다
*nosedive: 추락하다
*bourse: 증권시장
*psychologically significant threshold: 심리적 지지선
*temporary: 임시적인

2. ‘No Japan’ flags in Seoul streets to be taken down in face of public outrage

기사요약: 일본의 최근 수출 제한 조치에 대한 항의의 뜻으로 ‘노재팬 배너’가 서울 중구 대로에 설치될 예정이었으나, 명동 상인 및 여론의 반대로 무산.

[1] The Jung-gu district office in Seoul has decided to take down its “No Japan” flags from the streets following a firestorm of public criticism on the internet.

*district office: 구청
*take down: 내리다
*public criticism: 여론의 비판

[2] The office on Tuesday had pushed ahead with a controversial plan to put up the placards on streets in the crowded downtown district on Tuesday afternoon, ignoring the widespread condemnation and ridicule from South Koreans.

*push ahead with: 밀어붙이다
*controversial: 논란이 되는
*ignore: 무시하다
*condemnation: 비난
*ridicule: 조롱

[3] On Monday, the district office said it would set up 1,100 banners reading “No Japan” on lampposts along 22 streets ahead of the Aug. 15 National Liberation Day. Korea was freed from Japanese colonization on Aug. 15, 1945.

*Japanese colonization: 일제 강점

[4] The office claimed its move was designed to protest against Japan amid the rising diplomatic and economic tensions between the two countries.

*protest: 저항하다
*tensions: 긴장
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