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YouTubers caught recommending illegal camping

Wilderness camping spots have been an increasingly popular item for Korean YouTubers, but unlike in other parts of the world, camping out in the wild is illegal in Korea.

According to a report by Korean broadcaster SBS on Sunday, some South Korean YouTubers trespassed into off-limits areas and even encouraged their viewers to do the same.


In one of the videos shown in the report, the YouTuber makes his camping spot on a rock next to a pool of water below the waterfall and then heads straight into the water wearing his clothes.

Another YouTuber barbecues in the same valley and drinks a can of beer.

“Barbecue with beer is the best when you come to these places,” the YouTuber says.

According to the report, the valley often recommended as one of the best camping sites in Korea by YouTubers is Deokpung Valley in Samcheok, Gangwon Province.

A sign reading “forest protection” hangs at the entrance of the trail leading to the valley. Camping and cooking is banned in these protected areas.

Goseon valley in Cheongoksan Mountain, North Gyeongsang Province -- another popular bivouac site among online vloggers -- is a water resources protected area where cooking and using the natural water for washing is strictly prohibited, the report said.

According to the Natural Parks Act, a fine of 100,000 won is given to those who are caught camping or cooking in areas of nature not designated as camping sites by regional governments.

In reaction to the surging number of people camping during the summer season, the government has strengthened regulations over illegal camping sites and has obligated all sites to hold insurance in case of accidents as of last month.

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