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[팟캐스트] (311) 호날두 노쇼에 한국팬 집단 소송 / 고유정 체포 영상 유출에 경찰 수사 착수

진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s no-show prompts upset fans to seek legal action

기사요약: K리그 선발팀(팀 K리그)과 이탈리아 유벤투스의 친선전에서 크리스티아누 호날두(34)가 출전하지 않아 벌어진 이른바 '호날두 노쇼' 파문과 관련해 민사소송이 처음 제기됐다.

[1] Korean fans disappointed and angered by soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s solely bench-warming presence at a friendly match between Juventus FC from Turin, Italy and a team of K League players last week are pursuing a class-action suit against the organizer for failing to meet legal obligations.

* solely: 오로지, 단지
* bench-warming: 벤치를 지키다
* presence: 존재
* pursue: 추구하다
* class-action: 집단 소송제
* meet obligation: 의무를 다하다

[2] The 34-year-old star athlete -- whose first visit in 12 years was highly anticipated among fans here-- was benched in the exhibition match last Friday at the World Cup Stadium in western Seoul.

* highly anticipated: 매우 기대가 되는
* exhibition match: 시범 경기

[3] “(Event organizer) The Fasta profited from advertising the friendly match to soccer fans, and for success (in ticket sales) they emphasized that Ronaldo would play over 45 minutes,” read a blog post by lawyers Yu Hyung-bin and Kim Hun-ki of law firm MyungAn. MyungAn is leading the class-action suit.

* profited: 이윤을 취하다
* friendly match: 친선 경기
* emphasized: 강조하다

[4] “The abrupt cancellation of Ronaldo’s attendance in the fan signing event, the delay in kickoff due to team Juventus’ tardiness and the 400,000 won ($337) buffet with no chairs and tables are also problems,” it said. The buffet was part of some premium packages offered by The Fasta.

* abrupt: 급작스러운
* attendance: 참석
* delay: 연기
* tardiness: 지각

[5] The post added that ticket holders could demand a partial refund from event organizer The Fasta by holding it accountable for breach of contract.

* partial refund: 부분적인 환불
* accountable: 책임이 있는
* breach of contract: 계약 위반

기사 본문:

2. [Newsmaker] Police probe leaked video footage of Jeju murder suspect

기사 요약: 경찰청에 따르면 경찰청 형사과는 고유정의 긴급체포 당시 영상을 특정 언론사에 제공한 박기남 전 서장에 대해 진상을 파악하고 있다.

[1] Police have launched a probe into circumstances surrounding the leak of video footage taken during the arrest of Koh Yu-jeong, a prime suspect in the murder of her ex-husband.

* launch a probe: 수사에 착수하다
* circumstances: 사정, 정황
* leak of video footage: 비디오 영상 유출
* prime suspect: 주요 용의자

[2] The leaked footage, released Saturday by local media, shows Koh’s arrest on June 1 at 10:32 a.m. in the parking lot of an apartment block in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province. As police officers handcuff her after informing her of her Miranda rights, Koh asks, “Why? I never did that. I am the victim.”

* handcuff her: 그녀를 수갑에 채우다

[3] Korean National Police Agency Commissioner General Min Gap-ryong said in a press briefing Monday they were investigating if the video was released “in moderation through the appropriate process.” 

* in moderation: 알맞게
* appropriate process: 적절한 과정

[4] “Any impropriety (in the process of the video’s release) will be met with administrative action.”

* impropriety: 부적절한 행동
* meet with administrative action: 행정 처분

[5] Regarding media reports that Park Ki-nam, the former chief of Jeju Dongbu Police Station, was responsible for the video leak, Min said the matter calls for “a contextual consideration -- if Park had indeed personally leaked the video.”

* call for something: ~을 필요로 하다, 공식적으로 요구하다
* contextual consideration: 맥락과 관련된 고려사항

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