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[팟캐스트] (310) 러시아 군용기 영공 침범/지산락페스티벌 갑작스런 취소


진행자: 윤민식, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. S. Korea fires warning shots at intruding Russian warplane

기사요약: 러시아와 중국의 군용기가 23일 오전 동해 한국방공식별구역(KADIZ)에 무단진입했으며, 이 중 러시아 조기경보통제기 1대는 독도 인근 한국 영공을 두 차례 7분간 침범했다. 이에 군은 전투기를 출격 시켜 경고사격을 가했다. 러시아의 군용기가 영공침범을 한 것은 처음이다.

[1] A Russian military aircraft intruded into South Korea’s airspace above the East Sea twice on Tuesday, prompting Air Force fighter jets to fire warning shots in response, military officials said.

* warning shot: 경고사격
* intrude: 침범하다 (invade: 침략하다)
* military aircraft: 군용기 (warplane: 전투기, bomber: 폭격기)
* airspace: 영공 (territorial waters: 영해, territory: 영토)
* in response: ~에 대한 대응으로

[2] Two other Russian warplanes and two Chinese bombers also entered South Korea’s air defense identification zone(방공식별구역) without prior notice.

* air defense identification zone: 방공식별구역
* without prior notice: 사전통보 없이 (=unannounced)

[3] According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff(합동참모본부), the Russian warplane, identified as an A-50 -- an airborne early warning and control aircraft -- entered South Korea’s territorial airspace, some 12 to 13 kilometers away from Dokdo, at 9:09 a.m.

* Joint Chiefs of Staff: 합동참모본부
* identified as ~: ~로 식별되다 (known as ~: ~로 알려져있는)
* airborne: 공중에서의 (seaborne: 바다에서의)
* early warning and control aircraft: 조기경보통제기
* some~: 대략 ~ (=about/roughly/approximately)


2. Trouble-ridden Jisan festival canceled 3 days before opening

기사요약: 지산락페스티벌이 불과 3일 전에 갑작스럽게 취소를 알려 팬들의 불만과 혼란을 사고 있다.

[1] The 2019 Jisan Rock Festival was officially canceled Tuesday, as the ambitious attempt to revive the festival came to a sudden and screeching halt, much to the anger and confusion of fans.

* ~ridden: ~이 들끓는(~plagued)
* ambitious: 야심찬
* come to an halt/end: ~가 끝내다, 중단되다

[2] D2 Global Company, the organizer for the festival, said on its homepage earlier in the day that it had called off the event.

* orgzniers: 주최자, 조직자
* call off: 중지하다, 취소하다 (=cancel)

[3] The company said it had “lacked the perspective reading the trend of today, and that the biggest problem was that it did not communicate enough with the fans.” However, it did not elaborate on what had caused the cancellation of one of the largest music festivals in the country.

* lack: ~가 모자라다 (exceed in~: ~가 넘쳐나다, 초과하다)
* perspective: 견해
* elaborate: 상세히 설명하다
* read between the line: 행간 (속뜻)을 읽다