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[팟캐스트] (308) 빅히트 넷마블과 새로운 스트리밍 사이트 개발중, 상어 출몰로 제주도 해변 입욕 통제

진행자: 임현수, Paul Kerry

1. Big Hit, Netmarble team up on new music-streaming platform

기사요약: 투자자들에 따르면 빅히트와 넷마블이 손을 잡고 새로운 스트리밍 사이트를 개발 중이다.


[1] Big Hit Entertainment, the mastermind behind global sensation BTS, and the nation’s No. 1 mobile game developer, Netmarble, have joined hands to launch a brand-new music-streaming platform, multiple sources said Tuesday.

*mastermind: (뛰어난 두뇌를 가진) 지휘자
*join hands: 손을 잡다.

[2] Even though the new platform may not be solely dedicated to BTS, sources say, the septet is highly likely to release some new songs exclusively for the platform.

* septet: 7중주단

[3] “The two firms have started development work as a venture project. The platform is targeting global users around the world,” a Big Hit investor told The Korea Herald on condition of anonymity.

*venture: (사업상의) 모험
*condition of anonymity: 익명이 보장된다는 조건 아래

[4] The new platform might also offer podcasting services, he added, but the details are still under discussion. “The two firms will continue to analyze the marketability of the new platform before its official launch. They would not rush.”

*under discussion: 토론 중
*rush: 서두르다

[5] Another industry source familiar with the matter also confirmed the plans. “Big Hit has been seeking to enter the music distribution business as part of its efforts to diversify revenue sources, which are now largely dependent on BTS,” according to the source, who did not wish to be identified.

*familiar with: ~와 익숙한
*diversify: 다각화하다


2. Jeju shark warning closes Hamdeok Beach

기사요약: 제주도 함덕해수욕장에 상어가 출몰해 입욕이 통제되고 피서객들이 대피하는 일이 발생했다.

[1] A beach on Jeju Island was temporarily closed Monday as citizens spotted what appeared to be a shark and alerted staff.

*spot: 보다, 찾다.
*What appears to be: ~로 보이는

[2] At around 12:30 p.m., something that looked like a shark was seen in waters off the Cloud Bridge east of Hamdeok Beach, and the operators immediately limited public access to the beach.

* waters: 바다
*east of: 의 동쪽에 있는
*access: 입장 (접근)

[3] Jeju City took a video of the supposed shark off the shore and delivered the footage to Jeju National University’s College of Marine Science to check.

*supposed: 추정되는
*deliver: 배달하다

[4] There have been a handful of shark incidents off South Korea’s shores in recent years. Last year, around this time of the year, a dead shark weighing about 300 kilograms was caught in a net off Geoje Island, South Gyeongsang Province, just 300 meters away from land. That shark was about 4 meters long.

*a handful of: 한 줌의
*off an island: ~섬 근처
*about: 대략

[5] According to authorities, a total of six people have been killed locally and one injured in shark attacks since 1959.

*authorities: 당국