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[팟캐스트] (306) 문무일 총장 검찰 과거사 대국민 사과 / '제 2윤창호법' 음주단속 첫 날


진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1. Top prosecutor apologizes for prosecution’s past misdeeds

기사 요약: 검찰 과거사위원회가 지난 1년 6개월간 과거 검찰의 부실수사 등에 대한 조사를 마치고 지난달 활동을 종료했는데 과거사위가 지적했던 검찰 과오에 대해 반성하며 사과했다.

[1] Prosecutor General Moon Moo-il on Tuesday apologized for the prosecution’s past abuses of power and human rights violations in connection with politically sensitive investigations, vowing to make the law enforcement body transparent and politically neutral.

* past abuses of power: 과거의 권력 남용
* human rights violoations: 인권 침해
* politically sensitive: 정치적으로 민감한
* law enforcement body: 법 집행 기관
* transparent: 투명한
* politically neutral: 정치적으로 중립을 지키는

[2] In a news conference, Moon said he “repents” the prosecution’s past failures to do its duty to protect people’s basic rights and fairly exercise its investigative powers.

* repent: 회개하다, 뉘우치다
* do one's duty: 의무를 다하다
* fairly excercise: 공평하게 행사하다
* investigative powers: 수사권

[3] Moon admitted that the prosecution had blocked attempts to uncover cases which involved human rights violations and had failed to filter out fabricated evidence and false testimony -- often the result of torture by the state authorities.

* Admitted: 인정하다
* Uncover: 밝히다, 적발하다
* Filter out: 걸러내다
* Fabricate evidence: 증거 조작
* False testimony: 위증

[4] “Taking the past wrongdoings as a lesson, the prosecution will improve the institutions and procedures to prevent itself from abusing its power and to make sure its political neutrality and fairness in investigation are not violated,” Moon said, pledging measures to prevent any recurrence.

* Take A as lesson: A를 교훈으로 삼다
* Procedures: 절차, 과정
* Pledge: 약속, 맹세, 서약
* Recurrence: 반복, 재발

본문 기사:

2. 153 caught drunk driving nationwide on first day of toughened DUI law

기사 요약: 음주운전 단속기준을 강화한 '제2 윤창호법' 시행 첫날인 25dlf 전국에서 153명이 음주운전 단속에 적발됐다.

[1] Police caught 153 people for drunk driving nationwide between midnight Monday and 8 a.m. Tuesday, when the toughened drunk driving law came into effect, according to the National Police Agency.

* Drunk driving: 음주 운전
* Come into effect: 시행되다

[2] Of the 153 drunk drivers, 57 had their licenses suspended and 93 had their licenses revoked. Three refused to have their blood-alcohol levels checked, police said.

* Licenses suspended: 면허 정지
* Licenses revoked: 면허 취소
* Blood-alcohol level: 혈중 알코올 수치

[3] The revised law stipulates a lower blood-alcohol level limit for drivers and stricter punishments for those driving under the influence.

* Revised law: 개정안
* Stipulates: 규정하다, 명기하다
* Driving under influence: 음주 운전

[4] Previously, those found driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.05 percent and above had their licenses suspended, while a level of 0.1 percent and above led to revocation of the license. The corresponding limits are now 0.03 percent and 0.08 percent.

* Revocation of license: 면허 취소

[5] The maximum penalty for drunk driving was also raised from a three-year jail term or 10 million won ($8,650) fine to a five-year term or 20 million won fine. 

* Maximum penalty: 최고형
* Fine: 벌금

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