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Users in 50s most enthusiastic Youtube subscribers: data

Subscribers in their 50s and older are the most active users of YouTube in South Korea, data showed Tuesday.

According to Seoul-based app analytics firm Wiseapp, people aged 50 and older spent the most time watching YouTube of all age bracket last month. They spent a combined 10.1 billion minutes, about 26 percent of total watching time across all generations.

WiseApp said teenagers were the second largest age group with a combined 8.9 billion minutes of watching time on Youtube. It was followed by those in their 20s with 8.1 billion minutes, 30s with 6.1 billion minutes and 40s with 5.7 billion minutes, the data showed.

In total, Koreans spent combined 38.8 billion minutes on YouTube in April, making it the most sought-after app among Android smartphone users, Wiseapp said. The country’s top mobile messenger, Kakao Talk, came in the second place with 22.5 billion minutes.

Youtube has increased its appeal to the elder generation of the Koreans with easy access and tailored contents. Politicians, athletes, artists and other celebrities are running their own Youtube channels with targeted content for the elderly.