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‘Fuerza Bruta Wayra’ revisits Seoul

“Fuerza Bruta Wayra” is back in Seoul with a few changes and upgrades after a successful run last year.

The 70- to 80-minute show features eye-catching acrobatics, heart-thumping sounds, multicolored lights and projections, as well as wind machines. 

A scene titled “Corredor” in “Fuerza Bruta Wayra” (Fuerza Bruta)
A scene titled “Corredor” in “Fuerza Bruta Wayra” (Fuerza Bruta)
“Salto” is a new segment in the scene titled “Corredor.” /Fuerza Bruta
“Salto” is a new segment in the scene titled “Corredor.” /Fuerza Bruta

The show is all about partying, the production’s team said during a press conference on April 30 at FB Theater, a temporary building in front of Seoul Olympic Stadium in Jamsil, where the performances will take place.

“Our show is about the people and about party, celebration and taking that celebration to another level,” said Franca Nozzi, the manager of the company visiting Seoul.

“Adrenaline and ‘sensation burst’ are the two words that I would pick to explain the show,” said dancer Yamila Maria Traverso.

This nonverbal show without a narrative prides itself on bringing the audience close to the performances.

“The role of the audience is important as much as those of the dancers and technicians, as it unfolds on the stage where the audience is standing,” said Nozzi.

The manager of the company added that the secret to the show is that it allows the audience to engage with the show and actors. They do not force people to party but have them engage in the way they wish.

“I think it’s about the relationship between the actors and the audience, being open to what is going to happen,” Nozzi said.

One change in this year’s production is found at the end of the signature scene “Corredor,” in which the dancers run on a moving conveyor belt with a strong wind blowing against them while avoiding obstacles. The difference in the segment titled “Salto” is that the dancers climb up temporary stairs on the conveyor belt and jump off from the top of the stairs.

Other scenes come with minor changes in settings and technical elements.

A scene titled “Globa (Bubble)” in “Fuerza Bruta Wayra” (Fuerza Bruta)
A scene titled “Globa (Bubble)” in “Fuerza Bruta Wayra” (Fuerza Bruta)

For instance, the scene titled “Globa (Bubble)” features a huge round-shaped cloth that inflates to a hemisphere floating above the audience. Previous performances had just used a flat piece of cloth in a scene called “Techo Mobile.”

A DJ performance has been added to the latter part of the show as well.

South Korean rapper Jang Woo-hyuk and model Choi Yeo-jin are joining the show as guest performers.

This year marks the production’s third visit to Korea since its premiere here in 2005. During its three-month run last year, it attracted some 55,000 visitors.

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