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[Travel Bits] Festivals, sights across Korea

Hanbok for foreigners at Coex Aquarium

Coex Aquarium is holding an event where foreign visitors can try on Korea’s traditional costume, hanbok, free of charge.

The event is being held Monday through Friday, from noon to 6 p.m. at Garden of Korea in the aquarium. It is a year-round event that is available exclusively for foreign visitors.

Hanbok available at the event are styled after those worn by royals of the Joseon era.

For more information on Coex Aquarium in Korean, English, Chinese or Japanese, visit the homepage at 

Everland Tulip Festival

Everland is hosting a Tulip Festival until Sunday to mark the onset of spring.

Its themed garden features sculptures and paths adorned with beautiful spring flowers. There is also a photo zone featuring the 26-meter-tall Flower Magic Tower.

As night falls, visitors can enjoy the LED Musical Rose Garden with light-emitting diode roses of various colors, accompanied by music.

Refer to the official website,, for more information in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese, including for admission and discounts. 

Taean Tulip Festival

Taean Tulip Festival offers photo opportunities for local residents and tourists alike with beautiful and vibrant tulips in full bloom. The festival venue is divided into sections decorated in different themes.

Additional events include magic shows and herbarium making.

Fees are 12,000 won for adults, 9,000 won for children and 10,000 won for seniors.

The festival is open to visitors of all ages, and continues until May 12.

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Danjong Culture Festival

The Danjong Culture Festival, held annually to commemorate the tragic death of King Danjong of the Joseon era, will take place from Friday to Sunday in Yeongwol County, Gangwon Province.

The main event is a funeral rite for the young king who was usurped by his uncle Sejo, after only three years on the throne and executed at 17, along with his loyal subjects. The festival has been held annually since 1967 near the Jangneung Tomb in Yeongwol County.

The event is free of charge and open to visitors of all ages.

For more information in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese, call travel hotlines at 1330. The homepage -- -- is only in Korean.

Spring festival of ‘Garden of Morning Calm’

During the annual “Garden of Morning Calm” spring festival, the place is covered with a rich tapestry of color from the thousands of flowers and trees in full bloom.

It also holds a range of exhibitions, cultural events and educational programs during the festival.

The hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., and the last admission is one hour before closing. The festival is open to visitors of all ages.

For more information including admission fees and discounts in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, visit the homepage at