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[팟캐스트] (293) 승리 스캔들 / 난항 겪는 남북 군사회담

진행자 : 윤민식, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Seungri saga grows amid police corruption, supposed link with the mob

기사요약: 최근 은퇴를 선언한 빅뱅 출신 승리가 다시 한번 클럽 '버닝썬'과 관련된 일련의 혐의를 부인했다. 그러나 경찰과의 유착 의혹, 성매매 알선에 이어 삼합회와의 연계까지 거론되면서 스캔들이 확장되고 있다.

[1] Recently retired K-pop singer Seungri on Saturday denied that he was involved in the operation of the Burning Sun nightclub or that he brokered prostitution for his investors.

* saga: 일련의 사건들
* deny: 부인하다 (<-> admit: 인정하다)
* be involved in ~: ~에 연류되다, 관련이 있다.
* broker: 중개하다, 알선하다
* prostitution: 성매매

[2] But new revelations by local media are increasing the pressure on the singer, alleging connection between the disgraced celebrity, local law enforcement, and a Taiwanese mogul believed to be related to a Chinese Triad gang.

* revelation: 폭로
* local media: 국내(현지) 언론 (foreign press: 외신)
* allege: 협의를 제기/주장하다 alleged: ~라 주장된, supposed: ~라 추정되는
* disgraced: 망신을 당한, 명예/존중/존경을 잃은 (fall from grace: 위신이 추락하다)

[3] In an interview with Korean daily the Chosun Ilbo, Seungri reiterated his previous claim that he was not involved in the operation of Burning Sun, of which he had been an executive officer, and that he merely “lent his name” to a friend. He had previously stated on TV shows that he was deeply involved in his own enterprises.

* daily: 매일 일어나는, 일간지 (monthly: 한달의 한번, yearly: 1년에 한번, annual: 연례의, biannual: 연 2회의, biennial: 2년에 한번 있는)
* reiterate: 재차 강조하다
* claim: 주장, 주장하다
* executive officer: 임원, 이사
* state: 주장하다, 진술하다
* enterprise: 사업체

[4] Burning Sun, which had been located in the affluent Gangnam-gu area before closing earlier this year, was the central focus of a scandal that has spread through the Korean entertainment world. In December, a man claimed to have been physically abused by the club workers and the police officers who showed up at the scene, which led to testimonies about rampant drug use, rape at the premises and a subsequent investigation by police.  

* affluent: 부유한 (유의어: upscale, well-off. 반대어: impoverished: 빈곤한
* entertainment world: 연예계
* abuse: 학대
* show up: 나타나다, 출동하다
* lead to~: ~로 이어지다 (A was followed by B: A 뒤에는 B가 이어졌다)
* subsequent: 이어지는, 차후의


2. Pyongyang’s silence sheds doubt on inter-Korean military talks

[1] Prospects are grim for the two Koreas to hold military talks this month, as the North appears to have closed up on all inter-Korean cooperation plans following the breakdown of its second summit with the United States last month.

* shed doubt on ~: 의혹을 불러일으키다 (=cast doubts on)
* grim: 암울한
* prospects: 전망
* 전망이 좋지 않다: things do not look good. Things are going south.
* inter-Korean: 남북간의
* breakdown: 결렬, 와해
* summit: 정상회담

[2] The Ministry of National Defense here said Sunday it recently proposed to hold military talks with the North via a communications line, but it had not received confirmation. Seoul has been pushing to hold military talks before the end of this month, as the implementation of the joint military pact with North Korea has dragged. During a National Security Council meeting on March 4, Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo also said he would hold military talks with North Korea before the end of this month.

* The Ministry of National Defense: 대한민국 국방부
* propose: 제의하다
* military talks: 군사회담. Talks: 회담 (=discussion, meeting)
* via: ~를 통해 (=through ~)
* confirmation: 확인, 확약
* push to ~: ~를 추진하다
* end of this month: 이달말 (earlier in the month: 이달 초에)
* implementation: 이행, 시행
* pact: 조약, 협정, 합의서
* National Security Council meeting: 국가안전보장회의


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