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[K-talk] ‘Baby Shark’ ranks No. 32 on Billboard Hot 100

The viral children’s song “Baby Shark” landed at number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 on Wednesday.

Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark,” originally uploaded on YouTube in 2016, is the third Korean single to make the top 50 of the Billboard’s Hot 100, following BTS and Psy. 

(Smart Study)
(Smart Study)

The song also went viral in UK, staying in the Top 40 of UK’s Official Singles chart for eight consecutive weeks since it first appeared in August last year and ranking No. 6 on Jan. 4. Pinkfong became the first Korean artist to make the UK Top 10 since Psy six years ago.

“Baby Shark” which led to a “Baby Shark Challenge,” in which people participate by dancing in a similar way to the children in the Pinkfong video, gathered countless viewers making “Baby Shark Dance” the 26th most viewed video on YouTube as of Thursday morning.

“Seeing the song being well received by the global fans, we are planning to further expand our market in North America and Europe,” said Kim Min-suk, the representative of the South Korean educational media content producing company Pinkfong.

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