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Man found guilty of sex offense at company dinner

A man accused of groping an employee at a company dinner has been found guilty in the Busan District Court and fined 5 million won ($4,380), authorities said Wednesday.

According to court records, the defendant, identified only as a design supervisor in Busan, was indicted on a charge of committing an “indecent act in a crowded public place.” 


The allegations of sexual misconduct followed a company dinner in 2016, where the man was accused of approaching a female employee and groping her thighs. Another female employee also accused him of sexual misconduct at the restaurant.

While the case was before the courts, one of the women is reported to have withdrawn her complaint.

Prosecutors had initially sought a six-month prison term for the man. The court, however, handed down a criminal fine, citing the defendant’s remorse and lack of a criminal record.

By Catherine Chung (
Korea Herald Youtube