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Malaysian teen arrested in voice-phishing case

A Malaysian suspect has been taken into police custody over his suspected involvement in voice-phishing scams targeting local residents in Busan and Daegu, police said Monday.

According to the Busan Dongnae Police Station, the 18-year-old suspect faces charges of theft after allegedly collecting 32.8 million won ($28,700) by fraudulent means from two victims in Dongnae, Busan, and Dalseo, Daegu.

He is accused of defrauding the two victims, who thought they were paying for parcels, in two separate incidents on Oct. 11 and 15. 


During interrogation, police said, he told authorities he had entered South Korea to collude with a group of Malaysian-Chinese men on a parcel-delivery scam. Police were able to track down the teen after checking CCTV cameras near the pickup area.

He was arrested inside a hotel in Busan where he was staying.

Investigators said they could not confiscate the money because the suspect had already wired it to the ringleader of the scam.

By Catherine Chung (
Korea Herald Youtube