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Bodies of Korean climbers killed on Nepal peak may return home Wednesday

The bodies of five South Korean climbers who were found dead on a Himalayan mountain are expected to return home as early as the middle of the week, the country's top mountaineering club said Monday.

An official from the Corean Alpine Club said the families of the deceased climbers and its club members originally planned to go to Nepal and cremate the bodies before transporting them to South Korea for funeral. But the official said they couldn't secure flight tickets to Nepal in time and decided to transport the bodies to South Korea soon, possibly by Wednesday morning at the earliest. 


"We notified the family members of the dead climbers that it's difficult to go to Nepal," the official said. "With the help of the South Korean Embassy in Nepal and Nepal authorities, we are trying to transport the bodies on a flight that departs from Nepal on Tuesday night and arrives in South Korea early Wednesday morning."

The five South Korean climbers, led by renowned mountaineer Kim Chang-ho, and four local guides were found dead Saturday near their base camp located at an altitude of 3,500 meters on Mt. Gurja in western Nepal.

Their bodies were retrieved Sunday morning and were later transported to a hospital in Kathmandu.

The nine are believed to have died after strong winds swept them down a steep slope. One body was found right near the base camp, and the other eight at the bottom of the valley. (Yonhap)