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HyunA opts for ‘honest’ route, confirming relationship with E’Dawn

HyunA confirmed she has been dating E’Dawn, a fellow member of the group Triple H.

The confirmation came as local news outlets reported Friday the stars have been dating for two years. 

HyunA and E’Dawn perform together on stage as two-thirds of Triple H. (Yonhap)
HyunA and E’Dawn perform together on stage as two-thirds of Triple H. (Yonhap)
HyunA said she had met E’Dawn when he was a trainee and they became friends while working together, before starting a relationship around May 2016.

She said she got closer with E’Dawn while making music together, particularly when E’Dawn helped her with her album, despite his name not appearing in the album’s credit list. 

(Cube Entertainment)
(Cube Entertainment)
The singer took to her Instagram account Friday afternoon and said she wanted to be “honest” with her fans, promising she would return all the support by giving it her best on stage.

In the post, uploaded alongside a screenshot of an article about her relationship, HyunA wrote, “I just really wanted to be honest.”

She also said, “To the fans who always support and watch me, I will always be confident and have fun on the stage. I thank you and love you. I know this is not enough, but there is no other way to express my feelings.”

Her agency Cube Entertainment denied the dating rumors Thursday after website TV Report first reported the rumor that HyunA and E’Dawn have been dating.

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