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f(x)’s Amber ‘keeps in touch with’ Krystal

Amber has confirmed via social media that she has been keeping in touch with bandmate Krystal.

The singer was asked by a fan via Twitter on Saturday whether she has missed Krystal, as four-piece girl group f(x) has been on hiatus for about two years.

In response Amber said she talks to “that little one” every other day.

The Taiwanese-American singer also responded to a YouTube video the fan linked chronicling moments in their friendship.

“Good song and lyrics. The story had a nice build but I felt the two main actresses were a little weak,” she sarcastically assessed.

“I wasn’t really sold in their performance. But again, good effort.”

The tweet, which came amid growing rumors the group is no longer together, has since been liked more than 12,000 times, spawning a string of tribute images in memory of the days when f(x) was more active on the music scene together as a group.

Though the group has not officially disbanded, many fans hold little hope for the group, with Sulli breaking away from the band and Victoria focusing on her career in China.

In January, Amber released the duo track “Lower” with bandmate Luna as part of SM Station 2, her agency’s digital music channel project.

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