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Father and daughter implicated in fraudulent wedding scheme

A Cheongju court on Thursday said it has sentenced a man, who had been charged with marriage immigration fraud, to one year in prison, suspended for two years.

The man, 62, was indicted without detention in March 2012 for allegedly brokering sham marriages between his daughter and two Nepalese men, according to the Cheongju District Court.


In exchange for obtaining the spouse visa, the man reportedly requested some 7 million won ($6,200) from one of the Nepali men.

It was not until later that police discovered that the man allegedly set up the second fake marriage for an illegal immigrant from Nepal, according to reports.

Because the man could not have pulled off the immigration fraud scheme without his daughter, the court said it has ordered both to pay a 3 million won penalty during separate court hearings.

By Catherine Chung (
Korea Herald Youtube