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Busan man kills ex-girlfriend’s father

A man has been taken into police custody after he allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend’s father and injured three others, Busan police said Monday.

According to the Busan Haeundae Police Station, the suspect, 21, is being charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend’s father.

The suspect reportedly went to his ex-girlfriend’s house with a knife and stabbed the 53-year-old victim in the neck at approximately 7 a.m. Monday. 


The victim was rushed to the hospital, but died soon after due to excessive bleeding. The victim’s family members including his wife, son and daughter -- who is the suspect’s ex-girlfriend -- also sustained injuries from the incident, according to reports.

Dispatched police found the bloody knife left at the crime scene.

The suspect, who had fled the scene, turned himself in to Gijang police officers. The case was handed over to the Haeundae Police Station, where he is currently being interrogated for a motive for the murder, police said.

The suspect told police he stabbed the father because he was “still angry from a fight” he had with his ex-girlfriend while they were dating.

Police said they plan to request for an arrest warrant as soon as they complete the investigation.

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