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N. Korea-China trade rises slightly in March

Trade between North Korea and China increased a bit in March from a month ago, marking a turnaround from a downward trend amid international sanctions on the North's weapons program, a US broadcaster reported Friday, citing South Korean data.

According to the figures from the Seoul-based Korea International Trade Association, the North shipped $11.80 million worth of goods to China in March, up about $3 million from a month before, Voice of America said. 


The North's imports from China also rose some $40 million on-month to $142.92 million in March, the broadcaster said.

The March export and import figures, however, represent a mere one-sixteenth and a half, respectively, of those recorded a year ago, the broadcaster said.

Notable is that the North's imports included $42,000 worth of refined oil products and $431,951 worth of other petroleum products, mostly non-fuels like lubricants, the broadcaster said.

UN sanctions limit the supply of refined and crude oil products to the North.(Yonhap)
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