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South Korean Christians gather for joint Easter service

About 30,000 people here attended the “2018 Korean Churches United Easter Service,” organized by the Korean Christian Association, at Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome on Sunday to praise the true meaning of the resurrection of Jesus, according to the committee. 

2018 Korean Churches United Easter Service. Photo: KCA
2018 Korean Churches United Easter Service. Photo: KCA

Pastor Lim Min-chul, chairman of the preparatory committee, Pastor Lee Hun-mok, chairman of the organizing committee, and Pastor Cho Gyu-yoon, the chief secretary, prepared this year’s united service under the theme “Jesus was resurrected!”

Weston Mtokambali, head of the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance Barnabas delivered the welcoming message during the event and said, “The fact that we are celebrating the sacrifice of Jesus and his resurrection today is extremely important.” He added, “Our salvation is not through our deeds nor the law. It is only fulfilled by faith of Jesus Christ who died and (was) resurrected. I glorify God.”

The choir of the KCA, comprising 1,000 church members and led by Svoyskiy Sergey, performed at the service.

The main speaker at the service, Pastor Park Ock-soo said, “(The Bible) says, ‘Who was delivered for our offenses, and was raised again for our justification. Jesus resurrected to wash away our sins and tell us we are righteous.’”

By Bak Se-hwan (