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Rain reveals wedding cost

Singer Rain, who married actress Kim Tae-hee in January, revealed how much their wedding cost on Tuesday’s episode of “Carefree Travelers.”

“We got married after dating for five years,” he said. “A wedding ceremony is about two people being happy. (Kim) suggested holding it in a church. She said she wanted something that didn’t have empty formalities or vanity, something that wasn’t grandiose. I wore a tuxedo that I already had.”

“Carefree Travelers” (JTBC)
“Carefree Travelers” (JTBC)

Rain added that the two also did not hire a professional photographer to take wedding photos. “We have a video, but there was no photographer. Guests (present at the ceremony) had their own cameras and took photos the way they wanted to.”

Photos taken by family and friends were then collated into an album, he said.

“I wanted to do everything for my wife. ... But taking out all the formalities, our wedding cost a total of a little more than 2 million won ($1,830).”

“Carefree Travelers” airs Tuesdays on JTBC.


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