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Posco E&C teams up with Italian designer Alessandro Mendini

Posco Engineering & Construction has teamed up with Italian architect Alessandro Mendini to design the exterior of its latest construction of The Sharp apartment brand, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

According to Posco E&C officials, the company chose to collaborate with the designer for the second time in an effort to develop an apartment building that features unique colors and box-shaped geometric designs.

Italian architect, artist and designer Alessandro Mendini (POSCO E&C)
Italian architect, artist and designer Alessandro Mendini (POSCO E&C)
“The apartment is not limited to the role of a living space, rather, it provides a higher concept as an artistic space that enriches life and aims to be an example of leading the design trend of housing products and residential culture,” the statement said.

The construction company previously collaborated with Mendini in 2013 for the design of its apartment entrance and signboards for its complex facilities.

Mendini has garnered international fame for his hybrid of art and design and is known for his furniture, paintings, installations and architectural works.

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