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NK slams S. Korea-US defense treaty as plot for aggression

North Korea denounced the defense treaty between South Korea and the United States on Monday as a scheme to invade the country as the bilateral treaty marked the 64th anniversary of signing.

The Rodong Sinmun, the ruling party daily, called the Mutual Defense Treaty between the US and South Korea, "a treaty embedded with a plot to actualize their delusion to invade North Korea," in its Monday edition.

Sunday marked the 64th year since Seoul and Washington signed the alliance treaty on Oct. 1, 1953, two months later the Korean Armistice Agreement ended the 1950-53 Korean War. 


Under the treaty, the two nations are required to come to the aid of the other side if either of them faces an external armed attack. The treaty is also the legal basis for the deployment of US military forces in South Korea.
"The mutual defense treaty is explicitly implanted with the US' reckless ambition for invasion as it aims to trigger a war of invasion into North Korea at any time," the newspaper said in an editorial, titled, "The invasion war treaty should be abolished without delay."

Pointing to the fact that the treaty has been the base for the joint military exercises between South Korea and the US, and the Korean deployment of American strategic assets, the editorial also said such actions "are forming a grave security situation on the Korean Peninsula, where a war is feared to take place at any time."

Koreans in North and South Korea, as well as those overseas, "should abolish the mutual defense treaty without any delay and step up their national struggle to drive the US invasion forces out of South Korea," the editorial said. (Yonhap)

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