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7 illegal workers injured, 1 killed annually during crackdowns

About seven illegal migrant workers are injured and one killed annually on average during government crackdowns in the country, the Ministry of Justice said Monday.

The crackdowns on such workers led to 80 casualties, including nine deaths, between 2008 and July this year, the ministry said in a reported submitted to Rep. Keum Tae-sup, a member of the National Assembly's legislation and judiciary committee. 


Only one was injured last year, but seven were hurt in the first seven months of this year, the ministry said.

Most injuries and deaths took place when illegal workers were trying to escape the crackdowns, the lawmaker said.

Organizations of foreign workers claim high-handed crackdowns are in violation of human rights, subsequently resulting in casualties.

But it's very rare for public servants in charge to be held responsible for such accidents, Keum pointed out. (Yonhap)

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