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US lawmakers defend Samsung, LG in safeguard hearing: report

South Korean officials defended the country's makers of washing machines against the US safeguard action during a hearing in Washington, the foreign ministry said Friday.

In June, the US government started a safeguard investigation into foreign washers, mostly from South Korean companies, at the request of Whirlpool Corp. A safeguard action is taken to protect the domestic industry from a sudden jump in imports causing or threatening damage on domestic production.

(Korea Herald DB)
(Korea Herald DB)

A team of Korean foreign ministry officials in charge of import regulations in overseas markets attended a hearing held by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington on Thursday (local time).

They pointed out that there has been no such damage on local competitors as Whirlpool has claimed, the ministry said.

In particular, they emphasized that Korean companies such as Samsung and LG have pursued consumer benefit by advancing their technologies and producing high-quality products and also contributed to the American economy by local investment, according to the ministry.

Samsung and LG exported a combined $1.33 billion worth of washing machines to the US last year, the ministry said.

The ITC is slated to rule on the issue by Oct. 5.  (Yonhap)