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Kyobo holds commemorative concert for late founder Shin Yong-ho

In honor of the late Shin Yong-ho, the founder of Kyobo Life, the company announced it is holding a commemorative concert and a memorial photo exhibition this month to celebrate 100 years since its founder’s birth.

Regarded as one of the most respected Korean entrepreneurs of the 20th century, Shin’s dedication to learning and national education made him a pioneer in the country’s insurance and publication industry, the company said.

Shin Yong-ho, the late founder of Kyobo Life (Kyobo Life)
Shin Yong-ho, the late founder of Kyobo Life (Kyobo Life)
The commemorative concert is to be held Thursday at the Lotte Concert Hall in Seoul and is to be attended by academic scholars and cultural dignitaries. Along with the concert, a memorial photo exhibition is being held at Gwanghwamun Kyobo Life Headquarters and Gangnam Kyobo Tower in Seoul until Sept. 28.

Kyobo Book Centre also plans to run reading and educational activities starting this month, including a 100-day reading campaign, a late-hours bookstore and a traditional drum concert.

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