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Teen-spirited Pristin returns with rebellious ‘Schxxl Out’

It has been almost five months since 10-piece K-pop act Pristin introduced itself to K-pop fans by shouting out their group slogan “We are Pristin!” in March. The group’s debut EP “Hi! Pristin” was successful on both local and world albums charts, leading the rookie group to be tapped as a rising K-pop act to watch for this year by Billboard. 

Reloaded with cheerful energy and confidence, the budding K-pop darlings have returned with their second EP, “Schxxl Out,” and the band seems to have particular affection for the latest release, having poured their hearts and passion into it. 


“I doubt that any other of our upcoming albums would be able to mirror Pristin as much as ‘Schxxl Out,’” Pristin said in expressing their love for the new EP during a media showcase in Seoul on Wednesday.

Kyulkyung added, “We appear brave and confident in this new EP, and that’s totally us: Pristin.”

Pristin’s choices for “Schxxl Out” were bold and energetic, rather than saccharine and lighthearted girlishness.

“We Like,” the lead track off the new EP, is a high-energy dance pop number that gets people jumping immediately. It is filled with pounding beats and rhythm, as well as catchy refrains where Pristin simulates firing bullets of love to the audience while repeating a refrain of “Du-ru-du-du.”

The images Pristin intended to show fans with “Schxxl Out” are also evident in the accompanying music video of “We Like,” where the bandmates play the part of rebellious schoolgirls playing pranks in a mall after school. Clad in school uniforms, the band doesn’t comply with the rules, restyling their outfits in a punky, sassy way. In what may be a highlight of the clip, Pristin displays the band’s attitude in mugshots after getting caught by police.

“We wanted to show how much we have grown since our previous activities,” said Pristin, adding that they‘ve been exercising to build strength. 


Roa and Sungyeon, who participated in composing and producing the lead track, also shared that they watched US teen comedy “Mean Girls” and studied its onscreen characters when writing the lyrics.

Pristin, one of the most popular young girl groups on the K-pop scene right now, debuted under Pledis Entertainment in March with its first EP “Hi! Pristin” and lead track “Wee Woo.” From the beginning, the rookie act has received its share of the media spotlight.

Many of the bandmates – Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Kyulkyung and Xiyeon – were contestants on Mnet’s “Produce 101” last year. While five of the aforementioned members failed to break into the circle of the final 11 winners of the show, Nayoung and Kyulkyung debuted with the show’s project girl group I.O.I.

Pristin was originally named Pledis Girls before the debut, but the label announced in January the group’s name had been changed to Pristin, a portmanteau of “prismatic,” for bright and clear, and “elastin,” for the group’s flawless strength.”

The five-track “Schxxl Out” includes self-introductory track “We Are Pristin,” bubblegum synth “Aloha” and tropical house tune “Tina,” for which Xiyeon, Roa, Kyla and Yehana wrote the lyrics.

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