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Winner never felt like it fit in at YG

It is hard to link the word “ugly” with the four model-like artists of Winner, but they used to feel like “ugly ducklings” at YG Entertainment.

“Back when we were trainees, we thought we had no characteristics that stood out. We were not like other YG groups. So at first, we would intentionally dress in hip-hop style and pick hip-hop songs for the monthly evaluation (by the company),” said Lee Seung-hoon at a press conference Monday in Seoul.

Lee Seung-hoon (YG Entertainment)
Lee Seung-hoon (YG Entertainment)

Kang Seung-yoon, the band’s leader, pointed out that Winner’s style was not like the “hip-hop, rebellious image” of other YG artists.

Winner is known for its standard pop sound and sweet love songs, which are a little different from the songs of artists like G-Dragon who does not shy away from using profanities in his songs.

“We eventually found our own style. In a way, we are still looking for what ‘color’ suits us best,” said Lee. “I hope our story becomes one of an ugly duckling maturing into a beautiful swan.”

Winner released its single “Our Twenty For” at 4 p.m. Friday.