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Oman praises sultan’s leadership on Renaissance Day

The Omani Embassy in Seoul marked the 47th anniversary of Renaissance Day on Sunday, commemorating the accession to the throne of Sultan Qaboos Bin Saed.

“On the occasion of our Renaissance Day, the people of Oman reiterate their allegiance to Sultan Qaboos, the architect of the country’s rebirth,” the diplomatic mission said in a statement. “Their proclamation of allegiance is associated with profound feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation and loyalty to the sultan, whose wise leadership developed a modern state on solid foundations of equality, citizenship and the rule of law.”

The sultan put Oman -- an Arab country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, a strategically important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf -- on the right track for progress and growth benefitting all citizens, it wrote in a press release. 

Sultan Qaboos Bin Saed of Oman (AFP PHOTO)
Sultan Qaboos Bin Saed of Oman (AFP PHOTO)

“The efforts of the sultan, coupled with our people’s resourcefulness, molded the country into the exact honorable shape that the sultan had envisioned and planned for -- an oasis of peace and prosperity abounding with all means of dignified life,” the embassy said.

The Omani leader “reinforced the pillars of national unity” for domestic development, setting up and upgrading judicial institutions and the rule of law, it said. The sultan also purportedly devised a foreign policy promoting “friendship, love, confidence, credibility and clarity in dealing with all brethren and friends, in all events and under all circumstances.”

While committed to the diplomatic principle of noninterference in internal affairs of other nations, Oman endorses dialogue and negotiation for resolving international disputes, according to the mission. The sultan has also maintained friendly and close relations with leaders of Iran, Kuwait, Jordan and Palestinian authorities.

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