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Deaths of contract teachers in Sewol disaster recognized as line of duty

The Government Employees Pension Service has recognized the deaths of two Danwon High School contract teachers in the Sewol ferry disaster as being in the line of duty, in a reversal of its previous stance. 


They were accompanying students on a field trip when the ship sank in April 2014, leaving nearly 300 people dead or missing. 

The bereaved families of Kim Cho-won and Lee Ji-hye are now entitled to due treatment from the government, including monthly pensions of up to 26 percent of the teachers’ monthly salaries. 

On Teachers’ Day on May 15, President Moon Jae-in ordered the government to consider ways to honor Kim and Lee’s sacrifice, just like it did for victims of the disaster who were regular teachers. Following the directive, an enforcement decree of the Public Officials Pensions Act was revised on June 30. 

By Kim Da-sol (