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Hiker rescued 12 days after going missing in Philippines

A South Korean traveler who went missing for 12 days on a mountain near Baguio city in the Philippines was rescued Tuesday, said the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

The hiker, whose name was not disclosed, was worn out from starvation and exposure, but he was not in a critical condition and was able to speak.

He had been stranded on Mount Pulag since June 9, but managed to call the Korean community in Angeles on June 13 when he found a signal on his mobile phone. His cellphone battery died shortly afterward.

An image of Mount Pulag (123RF)
An image of Mount Pulag (123RF)

A search-and-rescue team made up of the Philippines police, the military and the Korean community was formed to find the missing hiker. A unit under the South Korean Foreign Ministry was dispatched and arrived in the area on June 14 to join the search.

The family expressed gratitude to everyone who helped with the search.

“This is a miracle and we are truly thankful for everything,” said a family member.

The traveler is currently staying in the Barlig area with his family. He was planning to receive a health checkup in Baguio, but had been detained by a landslide on the nearby mountains due to a heavy downpour.

South Korea’s ambassador to the Philippines thanked the search team and plans to deliver letters of appreciation to the local military and police forces.

“We vow to continue our efforts to ensure the safety of our citizens staying abroad,” said Korea’s Foreign Ministry.

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