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Posco provides AI education for disadvantaged youth

Posco will help youths from underprivileged households prepare for the upcoming “fourth industrial revolution” by providing free education on the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, the company said Wednesday.

The company will fund the costs of the education, provide the required training equipment and offer employment guidance through Posco’s corporate education Posco Group University, it said.

Posco partnered with leading professors from Pohang University of Science and Technology to design the education program.

Postech’s research infrastructure will help the participants develop expertise while connecting job seekers with employers in the related industry, the company said.

“There is a growing need for professionals that can process, analyze and visualize data due to the rapid advancement of the fourth industrial revolution,” the company said in a statement.

“Educating youth on IoT, big data, and AI will make it easier for them to find jobs, resolving the problem of unemployment that is prevalent in the country.” 

By Yim Ji-min (