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S. Korean comic book awarded at French Angouleme comics festival

The South Korean comic book "Bad Friend" received an award at a global comics festival, Korea Manhwa Contents Agency (KOMACON) said Sunday.

The book by a South Korean cartoonist, who goes by her pen name Ancco, was awarded the Prix Revelation at the 44th Angouleme International Comics Festival, becoming the first Korean comic book to be recognized by one of the most renowned comics awards events.

"I used to consider myself to be someone who led a weird, lonely life in Korea. But now I am here. This is, I think, the power of comics," the KOMACON quoted Ancco as saying. "My particular thanks to Kim Dae-jung, CEO of Sai Comics, who introduced me to the festival and told me, 'You are not the only strange one. There are so many people like you out there.'"


The KOMACON said the award is given to up-and-coming cartoonists who have published no more than three comic books in French.

"It is a very honorable award. The winner attracts attention from all around Europe," said Jean-Louis Gauthey, an official from Cornelius, which published the French version of the book.

The autobiographical book, which is about dark adolescence and emerging adulthood, was published in 2012 in Korea and was originally nominated for the best comic book at the festival.

Last year, it was published in French and invited to the Paris International Book Fair. In March, the book was given much attention while being exhibited at the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels.

The cartoonist made her debut in 2003 with "Ancco's Picture Diary," an online cartoon series.


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