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[팟캐스트](178) 헌재, 朴답변서 보완요구 외 1건


진행자: 박세환, Julie Jackson

1. 헌재, 朴대통령 측 답변서 보완요구

기사요약: 헌법재판소가 박근혜 대통령의 '세월호 7시간' 행적에 관한 답변서에 대해 답변서 내용이 부족하다고 보완을 요청했다.

Court dismisses Park’s explanation on missing 7 hours as ‘insufficient’

[1] On the day the ferry Sewol sank, President Park Geun-hye began work at 9 a.m. at her home office due to her poor physical condition, and received reports via telephone, fax or documents delivered by hand. She spoke with her national security adviser on the phone for a total of seven times about the ferry accident, according to a 19-page document submitted by her lawyers for her impeachment trial Tuesday.

*dismiss: 묵살하다
*poor physical condition: 건강상 이유로
*national security adviser: 국가안보실장
*submit: 제출하다

[2] However, the document detailing the president’s actions on April 16, 2014 was dismissed by the Constitutional Court as “insufficient,” during the third hearing of her impeachment trial. 

*detail: 자세히 담고 있는
*insufficient: 불충분한

[3] Park’s alleged seven-hour absence and negligence of duty to save people’s lives during the maritime disaster, which left more than 300 people dead or missing, is one of the key reasons behind her impeachment on Dec. 9 by the parliament.

*alleged: 주장되어지는
*impeachment: 탄핵

[4] The document features a timeline for the reports she received from her aides via documents or telephone and her instructions during the ferry disaster. 

*freature: 담다
*instruction: 지시

[5] But the Constitutional Court took issue with the explanation, saying it falls short of details on what Park was doing as she was being briefed during the sinking of the ferry, as well as when and how she first learned about the accident.

*take issue: 문제 삼다
*fall short of: 부족하다, 미치지 못하다


2. '혼술'문화의 확산과 이유 

기사요약: 바쁜 현대인들 사이에서 홀로 술을 먹는 문화, 즉 '혼술'문화가 유행처럼 번지고 있다. 이들은 일상과 잠시 떨어져 홀로 시간을 보내면서 여유를 한껏 즐긴다.

The rules of drinking alone

[1] Tired Koreans have begun to carve out time for themselves in a trend called “honsul,” or drinking solo. After decades of frenzied economic development, the country has the second-longest working hours among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development nations, constant online connectivity and an entrenched culture of putting community before the individual. 

*tired: 지친
*carve out time: 시간을 할애하다
*entrenched: 단단히 자리잡힌

[2] Students are no exception to the fad. Kang Han-bit, a college senior, who is searching for a job ahead of graduation, said craft beer bar Jooyooso is his favorite honsul spot in front of Korea University. 

*fad: 유행

[3] “I like to sit there and think,” said Kang, who is partial to dark beers, in particular the brands Guinness and Kozel. “I’m with people all the time, in class, with a study group, with my career counselor, with friends. So (when drinking alone), I turn off my phone and just sit and listen to music.” 

*in particular: 특히