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Shop for unique Christmas items at Herald Design Online Market

Fabric pom-pom baskets (Herald Design)
Fabric pom-pom baskets (Herald Design)

Herald Design, a subsidiary of The Korea Herald’s publisher Herald Corp., is holding an online Christmas market until Dec. 18.

In collaboration with a number of craft brands, the online market is offering an eclectic collection of items perfect for gifting to family, friends and acquaintances.

There’s an array of items available for the holiday season, from soy candles, mobile phone cases, planners and stickers to interior ornaments, pajamas and more, all handmade by artisanal designers. 

Felt clocks (Herald Design)
Felt clocks (Herald Design)

Many of the featured brands participated at the “Hi, Design” festival held by Herald Corp. in August.

Shoppers will be able to choose from a wide price range, from as low as 3,000 won ($2.60) to 60,000 won, making purchases both affordable and presentable.

The market focuses on offering products that are uniquely designed and good quality.

Nordic deer wall sticker (Herald Design)
Nordic deer wall sticker (Herald Design)

Herald Design hosts the annual Herald Design Forum, inviting creative experts from around the world to share their innovative ideas with Korean audiences. It promotes the value of design in all areas, from consumer goods to technology.

The market is available at

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