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[팟캐스트](166) 최순실 딸 정유라, 이화여대 특혜 의혹 외 1건

진행자: 조혜림, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. 최순실 딸 정유라의 이화여대 특혜 의혹 논란

기사 요약: 박근혜 대통령 측근 최순실씨의 딸 정유라씨가 이화여대 입학과정에서와 재학 중에 특혜를 받았다는 논란이불거지며 이화여대 총학생회와 교수진이 최경희 총장의 사퇴를 요구했다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

President of Ewha Womans University under pressure to resign

[1] Calls for Choi Kyung-hee to resign come amid mounting controversy that Jeong Yoo-ra, daughter of Park’s long-term friend Choi Soon-sil, was given special favors in the admission process and her academic records at the nation’s longest-running women’s university.

* call: 요구
* resign: 사퇴
* mounting controversy: 커지는 논란
* special favors: 특혜
* admission process: 입학과정
* run: 운영하다

[2] “Jeong did not attend any classes, excusing herself for participating in a horse-racing competition, but she earned a grade. The school even offered a personal guide for her to complete her seasonal course,” said Choi Eun-hye, president of the student council from Ewha Womans University at a press conference held on campus Monday.

* earn a grade: 학점을 받다
* seasonal course: 계절학기
* press conference: 기자회견

[3] The mounting controversy appears to continue to deal a blow to President Park, who has been embroiled in a series of corruption scandals involving her close confidants since her inauguration in 2013.

* deal a blow: 큰 충격을 주다
* embroil: 휘말리다, 휩쌓이다
* series of ~: 일련의
* corruption scandals: 비리사건
* confidants: 지인, 친구
* inauguration: 취임


2. 송민순 회고록으로 문재인 역풍

기사 요약: 송민순 전 외교장관의 회고록에서 노무현 정부가 2007년 당시 북한의 인권유린 실태를 비난하는 유엔 북한인권결의안 표결과 관련해 북한에 사전 의견을 구한 뒤 기권했다고 폭로했다. 이에 야당은 해당 결정은 북측과 연락이 닿기 전에 이미 결정했던 사안이었다고 반박했다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

Politican tension intensifies over ex-FM memoir

[1] Seizing on momentum created by a former foreign minister’s memoir, which put the opposition’s top presidential hopeful Moon Jae-in in a fix, the ruling Saenuri Party carried out a full-scale attack against the liberal heavyweight Moon on Tuesday.

* seize on momentum: 기세를 몰아
* memoir: 회고록
* presidential hopeful: 대선후보
* opposition: 야당, <-> ruling 여당
* full-scale: 총력을 다한
* heavyweight: 헤비급의, 실세

[2] Song argued that the Roh administration had decided to withdraw a vote after hearing negative response from the North, which conflicted with a claim by former government officials that the decision had been made before contacting the North.

* withdraw a vote: 기권하다
* conflict: 마찰을 빚다

[3] Meanwhile, Moon remained reticent over the memoir dispute, even expressing uneasy feelings over related questions.

* reticent: 조용히, 입을 다물다
* dispute: 논쟁
* uneasy feelings: 불편한 기색, 불안한

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