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Men caught distributing 30,000 items of online child porn

Police have caught three men accused of distributing child pornography on the internet, according to cybercrime investigation authorities.

The cybercrime agency of Busan Police Station said Wednesday that they were currently investigating the suspects who are charged with spreading around 30,000 videos containing illegal pornography, many of which involved underage teens. 

Busan Police Station
Busan Police Station

Among the suspects is a 31-year-old website operator who made the videos available on five different websites.

Police added that more than 10 members of the websites are subject to the investigation under the charge of uploading and downloading child pornography.

One of the websites operated by the suspects once drew 80,000 visitors in a single day. The site was shut down due to the police raid the next day.

The website has been closed and the server was seized by the police.

By Bak Se-hwan (