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Samsung stops Note 7 production, but explosion continues

Another case of an explosion of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 replacement device was reported Tuesday, following an announcement that the firm would be halting its production.

The incident took place at Chungbuk University in northern Chungcheong Province. A Note 7 belonging to a college student surnamed Kim, 21, became “overheated and blew up.” 

A college man says his phone blew up from his pocket.
A college man says his phone blew up from his pocket.

Kim who publicized the issue with video footage via social media said he “found it emitting smoke from his pocket.”

Samsung subsequently contacted him to retrieve and exchange the device with another, said Kim, who is allowed either a full refund or a replacement with another Samsung smartphone besides the Note 7.

There have been cases of the Note 7 exploding worldwide and Samsung initially concluded that this was due to faulty batteries from one of its suppliers. It launched a massive recall of the devices, but cases of the replaced devices blowing up soon emerged, too.

Samsung Electronics on Tuesday announced that it would discontinue the sale and production of the Note 7.

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