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Rail and subway workers to strike on Sept. 27

[THE INVESTOR] Rail and subway unions are set to go on a coalition strike on Sept. 27. This is the first time the unions have formed an alliance for wage negotiations in 22 years.

The unions, including the Korean Railway Workers’ Union and the unions of Seoul and Busan’s metro networks, are striking in protest at performance-based salary system the government is proposing. 

The rail workers’ union plans to strike if an agreement is not reached with Korea Railroad Corp. by midnight Sept. 26. 

KTX and passenger trains in Seoul and surrounding regions will operate as usual. However, cargo train operation rate will drop to 30 percent of usual levels, and other passenger trains will operate at 60 percent.

Seoul’s subway strikes will affect lines 1 to 8. Although Seoul government has launched an emergency response team, subway operations will only be maintained at normal levels during morning and evening rush hours. .

By Choi He-suk (