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[STOCK WATCH] Ryukil C&S ends day with no changes


On Sept. 19 Ryukil C&S (191410)
remained unchanged at
5,310 won (US$4.74). It had declined 18.02% through the past month. Standard deviation, the variableness index, was 2.6% over the same period over one month.

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- In its peer group, it has high Volatility, low Earning Rate
- Most related stocks have also increased. IT Components industry +1.65%
- Foreigners sell, Individuals buy
- Turnover Rate and Price Range both proper
- Only IndividualsandForeigners trade shares

Compared with its close competitors within the same industry, KOSDAQ, the monthly volatility of Ryukil C&S was at a low level, the earnings rate over one month was also the lowest with decline of stock price. Over the recent month, the return-on-risk, the return on investment with consideration about risk, was -6.9%. By tumbling of stock price, the return-on-risk is the lowest among its peer group in spite of low volatility. Moreover, compared with the KOSDAQ industry, the return-on-risk is below the industrial mean, -6.0, and thus the industrial comparison performance was not so good.

From Sept. 12, foreigners have been continuously buying Ryukil C&S. As a shareholding sum by investor group for the past four weeks, foreigners have sold 4,315 shares but individuals have bought 4,315 shares lessening its position, while institutions have had no change in their shareholdings.

Cumulated shareholdings per investor group (1Mo)
Total shareholdings per investor group

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