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[팟캐스트](160) 정부 2017년 예산안 발표 외 1건

진행자: 원호정, Paul Kerry 

1. 정부 2017년 예산안 발표

기사요약: 정부는 30일 2017년 예산안을 400조7천억원으로 편성했다. 정부 본예산이 400조원을 돌파한 것은 이번이 처음이다. 정부는 SOC예산과 R&D 비중을 줄이고 복지 및 청년 창출에 대한 지원을 늘렸다.

'2017 budget focuses on welfare, jobs'

[1] The South Korean government will increase its spending to 400.7 trillion won next year, up 3.7 percent from this year, with a primary focus on boosting social welfare and creating jobs, the Finance Ministry said Tuesday.

* primary 주된
* boost 신장시키다

[2] This marks the first time for the national budget to exceed 400 trillion won with about one-third of it allocated to spending on welfare, or 130 trillion won.

* budget 예산
* exceed 넘다
* allocate 할당하다, 배정하다

[3] Of spending allocated to social welfare, the budget includes spending of 17.5 trillion won, up about 10 percent, on job creation for young people. The money will be used to support startups in the fields of content creation and augmented and virtual reality as it seeks to address rising youth unemployment.

* augmented/virtual reality AR/VR (증강현실/가상현실)
* address 다루다, 해결하다
* youth unemployment 청년실업

[4] The youth jobless rate stands at 12 percent, and as of last year, Korea was one of the five economies that saw its youth unemployment rise rapidly in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

* as of ~기준으로

기사 전문:

2. 비난의 시선 두려워 산전진찰 받지 않는 10대 임신부

기사요약: 서울대 보라매병원 연구팀이 발표한 자료에 따르면, 10대 임신부들은 사회적인 비난에 부담을 느껴 다른 연령대의 임신부에 비해 산전진찰을 받지 않는 것으로 드러났다. 

Teen mothers neglected in prenatal care: study

[1] South Korea‘s pregnant teenagers do not receive enough medical attention and are three times more likely to have premature babies than mothers in other age groups, partly because of stigmatization against teenage pregnancies and unwed motherhood, a study showed Tuesday.

* medical attention 치료
* premature babies 미숙아
* stigmatization 낙인찍힘, 비난

[2] The study, compiled by a team of physicians at the SMG-SNU Boramae
Medical Center in Seoul, analyzed government data on 463,847 women who have experienced either miscarriages or childbirths in 2010.

* compile 자료를 엮다
* miscarriage 유산

[3] According to their research findings, 42 percent of all teenage mothers made four or fewer prenatal visits to medical clinics throughout their pregnancies. Also, 14.4 percent of them never received any pregnancy check-ups or screenings.

* prenatal 산전
* check-up 검사
* screening 검사, 검진

[4] The numbers were significantly different from mothers in their 20s and older. Only 11.6 percent of them made 4 or fewer prenatal visits, while only 3 percent made no visits to medical clinics.

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