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Scientists develop advanced diagnostic technology in breast cancer

A group of South Korean scientists has developed a technology to diagnose breast cancer in women with dense breasts in 10 minutes, Seoul's science ministry said Wednesday.

It is more difficult to detect cancer in women with dense breast tissues, compared to fatty breast tissues, through mammography screening and further ultrasound screening is usually required.

The team led by Professor Yoo Yang-mo of Sogang University discovered the technology to screen a patient by using multiple ultrasound machines and produce a three dimensional image for a diagnosis, the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning said.

The diagnosis takes about 10 minutes, compared to 30 minutes, and is much more precise, ministry officials said.

"The technology will efficiently diagnose breast cancer in women with dense breasts," said Yoo.

The ministry said the technology will be transfered to local biomedical firm Medical Park Co. and will be commercialized in the second half of next year. (Yonhap)