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Move easily between Incheon and Seoul via AREX

[THE INVESTOR] Travelers trying to get from Incheon International Airport to Seoul can do so with ease by using the Airport Express railway system, which can take them directly to Seoul Station. 

According to data from the Korea Tourism Organization, 98 percent of tourists from English-speaking countries find their way from the airport to Seoul by themselves.

Although there are several ways to get to the city from the airport, the Airport Express is the quickest way to visit tourist hotspots such as Myeong-dong, Jongno, and Dongdaemun.

The AREX system features two types of trains: the commuter trains that stop at 12 stations between Seoul Station and Incheon International Airport and a premium nonstop train that goes directly from one end of the route to the other.

Travelers receive information about the airport railroad at the transfer gate at Seoul Station. / ARX
Travelers receive information about the airport railroad at the transfer gate at Seoul Station. / ARX
The express nonstop train takes 43 minutes to get from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station, while the all-stop train takes slightly longer at 58 minutes. 

Travelers can choose either train depending on their destination. Most of the stops transfer to one of Seoul’s nine major subway lines, which lead to different parts of the city. 

Once at Seoul Station, travelers can transfer directly to Subway Lines No.1 or No. 4 through the transfer gate. For those taking the commuter train, a subway ticket to the final destination from Incheon International Airport will allow a free transfer at Seoul Station. 

When taking the premium express train, travelers who are planning to transfer at Seoul Station should make sure to buy a “one-ticket” at Incheon International Airport Station, which comes with a ticket for the train itself and a transfer pass. 

Travelers who only purchase tickets for the express train must exit the station, then reenter after purchasing a separate subway ticket to their final destination.

When going from Seoul Station to Incheon International Airport, travelers who take the regular commuter train can transfer from the subway to the AREX system simply by tapping their card at the gate.

However, those wishing to take the premium train must exit the subway first, then purchase a separate ticket for the premium train and head down to the tracks.

Tickets for the AREX premium nonstop train can be purchased at the customer information center on the B2 level of Seoul Station, and at the travel center and information center on the B1 level of Incheon International Airport.

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