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Probiotics Dual Premium optimized for maximum health benefits

[THE INVESTOR] LG Life Science‘s premium health supplement brand Re:Tune has released a new probiotic supplement optimized for improving intestinal health and immunity, the company said Sunday.

Probiotics Dual Premium utilizes a patented probiotic strain called DDS-1 produced by the American UAS Labs, and contains 50 billion lactic acid bacteria -- providing the maximum amount of probiotics recommended by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Probiotics Dual Premium also includes bacteria that has been specially coated to help them survive the digestive process in the stomach and latch onto the intestines and multiply.

All of the products are 100 percent produced in labs exclusively used for lactic acid bacteria.

“As probiotic supplements become a popular health supplement, consumers are interested in learning about how to choose the right products,” a spokesperson for Re:Tune said. “It may be hard at first, but consumers should look at the types of bacteria and how well they attach to the intestinal walls before they buy a product.”

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