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The Investor, a global hotline for corporate Korea and investors

English online business news service The Investor opened Monday, with the aim of providing investors with timely, accurate and influential information on Korea’s business scene. 

Founded by Korean media and lifestyle company Herald Corp., The Investor delivers expert analysis, breaking stories and in-depth market coverage in English for people who make decisions around the globe.

Foreign investments currently make up around 50 percent of ownership in major conglomerates in Korea. Despite significant inflows of foreign capital, solid analysis in English on Korea’s business news is lacking.

In light of this lack, The Investor aims to become a market changer and driver, combining The Korea Herald’s English news reporting expertise and its sister paper Herald Business’ credible business sources.

The Investor features in-depth analysis of more than 300 listed companies here, dissecting their corporate governance and structure, as well as offering extensive profiles of the 300 richest people in Korea who control a staggering portion of the Asia’s fourth largest economy.

Through an advanced search function, users can easily navigate the net worth of the superrich, changes in their stock values, as well as their stakes in major listed companies.

The Investor publishes more than 100 articles daily, including the real-time disclosure information of major companies in English. The service offers extensive coverage on the stock market, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, dealmakers and deal governance as well as the trends and outlooks of budding tech companies and start-ups.

Going forward, The Investor will increase the article count to 300 by next year and 400 by 2018. While increasing its influence through social media, The Investor also plans to hold business conferences and IR forums, serving as a cornerstone of the business community. It will help serve as a media community that engages foreign investors.

With its differentiated and exclusive content, the business news service also aims to enhance the transparency of the Korean market and governance, in addition to providing a win-win strategy for investors and the nation’s leading companies.

Join The Investor to make informed decisions today, for a profitable tomorrow.

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