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[팟캐스트](148) 흑산도 여교사 성폭행 사건 외 1건

진행자: 박세환, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. 교육부, 산간지역 여교사 안전대책 강화 방침

기사요약: 지난달 22일 전남 신안군 흑산도 초등학교 관사에서 올 3월 초 부임한 20대 여교사가 학부모와 지역주민 등 3명에게 집단 성폭행한 사건이 발생했다. 이에 교육부는 산간지역 파견 여교사들의 안전대책을 강구하겠다고 밝혔다.

Ministry to strengthen safety of teachers in remote areas after gang rape case

[1] The government on Tuesday vowed to step up safety measures for female teachers working in remote areas amid public uproar over the recent rape case of a teacher by students’ parents.

*Vow to ~을 약속하다.
*Step up 강화하다
*amid: in the middle of, ~와중에
*public uproar: 들끓는 여론

[2] The Education Ministry said it would conduct an overall safety check of the residences of female teachers working in isolated regions by Friday and draw up measures to boost their safety. This includes checking surveillance cameras, emergency bells, protective windows and other security systems.

*conduct: 지휘하다,
*safety check: 안전 점검
*draw up measures: 방안을 강구하다
*boost: 강화하다

[3] The move comes after a teacher in her 20s was allegedly raped by three men, including two fathers of her students, in an island in South Jeolla Province late last month. The men were all arrested Saturday.

*the move: 교육부의 움직임, 즉 안전강화 방안
*allegedly: 추정되는, 혐의를 받고 있는


2. 가습기 살균제 피해 가족, 반도체 피해 가족과 공동 기자회견 열어

기사요약: 7일 서울 서초동 삼성사옥 앞에서 가습기 살균제 피해자 가족들이 반도체 직업병 피해자 가족들과 공동으로 기자회견을 열었다. 이들은 정부와 삼성, 옥시 등 대기업에게 조속한 사태해결을 촉구했다.

Victims of toxic chemicals call for safer society

[1] Activists and families of toxic humidifier victims held a joint news conference on Tuesday with an advocacy group representing families of Samsung employees who contracted diseases or died, calling for a safer society.

*toxic: 독성의
*humidifier: 가습기
*victim: 피해자
*joint: 공동의
*advocacy group: 시민 단체
*contract: n. 계약서, v. 걸리다 ex) contract disease: 병에 걸리다

[2] At the joint event held outside Samsung’s headquarters in southern Seoul, the participants denounced “conglomerates’ profit-focused practices and the government’s inaction,” which they saw as the major reason behind hundreds of deaths related to industries.

*participant: 참가자
*denounce: 비난하다
*profit-focused: 이익 중심의
*inaction: 무대응, 수수방관

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