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[팟캐스트](143) 새터민 구직 최대 걸림돌은 북한식 억양 외 1건

진행자: 이다영 (Claire Lee), Paul Kerry 

1. 새터민 구직 최대 걸림돌은 북한식 억양

기사요약: 국내 정착한 북한이탈주민의 구직 과정에서 최대 걸림돌은 북한식 억양 혹은 말투인 것으로 나타났다. 3일 이화여대 김석향 교수의 연구에 따르면 조사에 응답한 새터민 1193명 중 26.8%가 북한식 말투 때문에 취업에 어려움을 겪었다고 털어놨다. 노동권을 침해당했을 때에도 응답자의 43.7%가 그냥 참고 넘겼다고 답해 인권 인식이 취약한 것으로 드러났다.

1. Accent hinders defectors' job searches: survey

[1] North Korean defectors say the biggest obstacle to finding a job in South Korea is their accent, according to a recent survey. In a survey of 1,400 defectors conducted last year by Kim Seok-hyang, a professor of North Korean Studies at Ewha Womans University, 26 percent said their accent was what made job seeking difficult. It was followed by lack of skills or experience, health, and age at 22.4 percent, 18.3 percent and 17.1 percent, respectively.

*North Korean defectors: 북한이탈주민 (새터민)
*obstacle : 장애물, 걸림돌
*job seeking : 구직활동
*accent: 억양, 말투 

[2] The report was commissioned by the National Human Rights Commission.Of the respondents, 37.8 percent said that they have been “mistreated or discriminated against” while working, of which 47.6 percent said that the cause was their accent.

*The National Human Rights Commission: 국가인권위원회
*mistreated: 부당대우를 받다
*discriminated against: 차별을 받다

[3] But the report indicated that the defectors tended to refrain from actively seeking help regarding work issues. Upon having their rights infringed, 43.7 percent said that they kept it to themselves, while 20.8 percent and 9.4 percent said they addressed it via conversation or made complaints.

*tended to :---한 경향이 있다
*refrain: 삼가다, 피하다
*infringed: 침해당하다 

[4] Kim pointed out that the North Korean defectors do not fully recognize their rights as workers, and suggested that the state authorities should provide education on their rights. She also called for a career development program, employment consultation for the defectors, as well as a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of this issue.

*recognize: 인지하다, 인정하다
*provide: 제공하다
*raise awareness: 의식을 높이다

기사 전문:

2. 박찬욱 감독 신작 ‘아가씨’

기사 요약: 프랑스 칸 국제영화제 경쟁 부문에 공식 초청된 ‘아가씨’에 대해 박찬욱 감독이 입을 열었다. ‘아가씨’는 1930년대 일제강점기의 조선을 무대로 막대한 재산을 상속받게 된 귀족 아가씨와 그녀의 재산을 노리는 백작, 그리고 백작에게 거래를 제안받은 하녀의 이야기를 그린다. 박 감독은 ‘아가씨’의 경쟁부문 진출을 예상하지 못했으며, 전작들과 대비 대사량이 많고 주인공이 네 명이며 러닝타임이 긴 영화라고 소개했다.

2. Director Park Chan-wook says 'The Handmaiden' is juicy

[1] Award-winning director Park Chan-wook said Monday his Cannes-bound film“The Handmaiden” is a lot different from his previous works for having the most lines and giving subtle pleasures. 

*Cannes-bound: 칸느 행
*previous works: 전작
*subtle pleasures:미묘한 즐거움, 재미 

[2] “It has the most lines of all films that I have made. It also has four protagonists, a long running time and is a very juicy film,” Park said during a news conference at a Seoul hotel to promote the upcoming thriller. 

*running time : 러닝타임 (상영시간)
*promote: 홍보하다
*thriller: 스릴러
*protagonists: 주인공

[3] So, it came as a surprise for the filmmaker when the thriller was up for the main competition category of this year’s Cannes Film Festival. “Honestly, I didn’t expect it would be invited for the competition section,” Park said, adding that his film is clear-cut with a happy ending which might not go well with a film festival favoring art-house films. “I thought it may be a better choice for the Midnight Screening or some other sections,” he said, referring to the festival‘s out-of-competition category for commercial films.

*invited: 초청
*out-of-competition category: 비경쟁부문
*art-house films: 예술영화
*favoring: 선호하는
*commercial films: 상업영화

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