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[팟캐스트](140) 북한 엘리트 탈북 외 1건

진행자: 윤민식, Julie Jackson

1. 북한 고위 장교와 외교관 탈북

기사요약: 한국 정부는 11일, 북한 정찰총국 출신의 북한군 대좌와 북한 외교관 두 명이 작년과 재작년에 걸쳐 한국으로 망명했다고 확인했다. 해당 소식은 지난 8일, 통일부가 중국에 위치한 북한 식당의 종업원들이 집단탈북했다는 소식을 밝힌지 사흘 만에, 그리고 총선을 이틀 앞둔 시기에 전해졌다.

[1] A ranking official at North Korea’s military spy agency and two diplomats working outside the country have defected to the South, the government confirmed Monday, days after the joint arrival here of 13 workers from a North Korean restaurant in China.

* ranking official: 고위 관료
* spy agency: 첩보기관 (=intelligence agency)
* diplomat: 외교관
* defect: 탈주하다, 이탈하다, 떠나다, 탈북하다
* confirm: 확인하다, 확정하다 (verify: 확인하다, 입증하다)

[2] The colonel-level intelligence officer came to Seoul last year and gave a “detailed testimony” on the Reconnaissance General Bureau’s espionage operations against the South, Yonhap News Agency reported, citing an unnamed source with knowledge on the inner workings of the communist state.

* colonel-level: 대령급 (colonel:대령, lieutenant colonel: 중령, major: 소령)
* testimony: 증언 (testify: 증언하다)
* Reconnaissance General Bureau: (북한의) 정찰총국)
* espionage: 첩보 활동
* cite: ~를 인용하다 (=quote)
* unnamed: 익명의 (=anonymous)
* inner workings: 내부 핵심층의 (=inner circles)

[3] Additionally, a diplomat in his 50s who oversaw economic affairs at the North Korean embassy in an African nation arrived here last May along with his wife and two sons due to “life-threatening” concerns, according to the Donga Ilbo daily. Another North Korean diplomat in an Asian country sought asylum in February as Pyongyang was moving to cut and call in the staff at overseas diplomatic missions.

* in his (her) 50s: 50대의 (=50-something)
* oversaw: 감독하다, 총괄하다
* embassy: 대사관
* seek asylum: 명명하다 (seek refuge: 피신, 도피하다, refugee: 망명자, 난민)
* move to ~: ~하고자 하다
* call in: 부르다, 회수하다, 소환하다
* overseas diplomatic mission: 해외공관


2. 내외 갈등 시달리는 여야, 총선에서 맞붙다

기사요약: 공천 논란, 탈당 및 선거구 협상을 놓고 이견 등으로 여러 잡음을 일으켰던 19대 국회가 마감하고 여야가 총선을 준비한다. 3당 경쟁체제로 전문가들 및 당 관계자들의 예측이 엇갈리는 가운데, 각 당은 선거운동 막판까지 지지를 호소했다.

[1] Political parties raced to the unpredictable final stretch of campaigning on Tuesday, as voters braced to pick the country’s 20th National Assembly that will be tasked with reviving economic growth, addressing security and diplomatic quandaries and setting the political groundwork for next year’s presidential election.

* political party: 정당
* unpredictable: 예측할 수 없는 (=unforeseeable)
* final stretch: 막바지 (final phase/stage: 마지막 단계, 막판)
* brace to ~: ~에 대비하다
* tasked with: ~하는 임무를 맡다
* revive: 부활시키다
* quandary: 이러지도 저러지도 못하는 상황 (=dilemma)
* groundwork: 기반, 토대, 준비작업
* presidential election: 대통령 선거

[2] Wednesday’s parliamentary race is being held after months of delays in negotiation over electoral maps, heavy in-party feuding over nominations and a number of cross-party membership swaps among candidates.

* parliament: 국회(=National Assembly), (영국 등의 경우) 의회
* electoral map: 선거구
* in-party: 당내의 (inter-party: 여러 당 사이에서의)
* feud: 불화, 반목, 갈등
* number of: 수많은 (=numerous)
* swap: 바꾸다, 교대하다
* candidate: 후보

[3] Voter turnout is anticipated to be one of the biggest factors for the winning party as they vie for the majority in the 300-seat Assembly.

* voter turnout: 투표율
* anticipated to be ~: ~일 것으로 기대되다 (expected to be ~)
* factor: 요인 (key factor: 핵심 요인)
* vie for ~: ~를 위해 겨루다, 경쟁하다
* majority: 과반수 (<-> minority)
* ruling party: 여당, main opposition party: 제1야당, minor opposition party: 소규모 야당

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