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KT&G launches The One Gold Label

The One Gold Label (KT&G)
The One Gold Label (KT&G)

KT&G, the country’s largest tobacco-maker by market share, on Monday launched the premium edition of its The One brand with micro charcoal filters.
Dubbed “The One Gold Label,” the new edition applies triple-layered micro charcoal filters that maximize the clean finish, in addition to premium quality tobacco leaves, the tobacco-maker said in a press release.
The gold label came after three years of research and development, targeting demand for premium cigarettes, KT&G added.
“The One Gold Label is technically the first premium-class cigarette of the existing regular products (that contain tar of 1 milligram or under),” said Kim Young-hoon, manager of KT&G’s The One unit.
Since its launch in 2003, The One has been the best-selling brand of all KT&G products containing up to 1 milligram of tar. Of all brands, The One is KT&G’s third-bestselling brand, after Esse and Raison.
The One Gold Label is 5,000 won ($4.25) per pack and contains 1.0 milligram of tar and 0.10 milligram of nicotine.
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