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New KBS CEO takes office

Former KBS Business CEO Ko Dae-young took office as the new chief executive of KBS, South Korea’s public broadcast network, on Tuesday.

Ko, 60, succeeded Cho Dae-hyun as the broadcaster’s 22nd president. He will serve three years until November 2018. 

In his inaugural speech, the new chief emphasized the need for KBS to change, calling the current situation “a crisis.” 

“If KBS is in crisis, that means there is a crisis in the noble goal of public broadcasting, which is to present fair and balanced reporting for the public and to contribute to social integration and development of the nation.”

Ko Dae-young gives his inaugural speech on Tuesday. (KBS)
Ko Dae-young gives his inaugural speech on Tuesday. (KBS)

Ko also called for the “breakdown of walls” between job categories such as reporters and announcers for a more “task-focused, viewer-focused, market-focused approach.”

Ko joined KBS in 1985 as a reporter. He was the first KBS president to undergo a parliamentary confirmation hearing, as required by the revised broadcasting law that went into effect last year. Despite some allegations of political interference in his nomination and perjury during the hearing, Ko was confirmed by the National Assembly’s broadcast committee last Thursday.

By Won Ho-jung (
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